These are personal stories from people who have used Satori Skin Solution for their own skin care needs.  We are filled with joy at knowing that this special oil works for so many people with so many different needs.

Please let us know if you have a story you would like to share.

“In early 2017 I developed a Basil Cell Carcinoma on the right side of my nose, and shortly after another on the outer edge of my left ear. I first treated these with ‘grapefruit seed extract’. Seeing no improvement I tried ‘tee-tree oil’ and again saw no change. I then used the pharmaceutical drug (basically topical chemo-therapy) ‘Efudix.’  Again to no observable effect.

Next, I was given a small sample of ‘Satori’ oil, and began applying it to both sites. Within four days the Basil Cell on my ear was gone and by the end of the second week of treatment the site on my nose was gone.

I am not a doctor or a scientist, and make no claim other than the observation of my own healing process. I have made a study of available information and my case seems consistent with those of many others who have seen benefit from ‘Satori’ oil and other similar products.”

-Steve F.

“My son has sensitive skin, and it’s easily irritated by hot weather. We are currently trying to figure out if he is sensitive to foods too. In the meantime, Eugene recommended his Satori Skin Solution and it has brought so much relief to my son. His itching has subsided and no longer appears inflamed. I even used this miracle oil on my finger when I was stung by a scorpion. It took the sting away almost instantly! It took a little getting used to the natural smells of the oil but we also realized that it soaks into the skin quickly and the scent fades just as fast. Love it!”

-Melinda C.

“Oil works awesome, the cancer spot on my upper left abdomen has gone down to a small white scar! The one on the left side of my nose has completely disappeared. Thank you for creating this! I really love this stuff!”

-Carla G.W.

“Satori Skin Solution is a miracle medicine. I have practiced Chinese medicine as an herbalist and physician for the last 10 years.  I’ve never seen something work this quickly.

Several patients of mine with facial skin cancer have used this so successfully that it’s within weeks that they can see their skin tags and sun spots fade away. One patient in particular applied this medicine to her nose for a basal cell carcinoma she was told would need to have surgically removed. Within in two weeks of twice daily applications it virtually disappeared.

I can’t recommend this medicine more highly. It’s made with such skill and love and the combination of Sri Lankan herbs this formula uses is like nothing I’ve seen in 10 years of practicing Chinese medicine. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to recommend it to my patients with a variety of skin problems, and it works so consistently and effectively. Not to mention, I use it as my only beauty regimen on my own face every night and wake up w such soft radiant skin. This stuff is the best. Thank you, Satori!”

-Annie G.

“I’m a 56 year old female who grew up in South Florida surfing, water skiing, horseback riding, fishing, and many other outdoor activities. Needless to say I have damaged my skin from being in the sun. I have used the Satori Skin Solution on some of my problem areas and have seen a tremendous improvement.”

-Annette M.

“Hello there my name is Mateo I have been bleached by the sun for near fifty years.  I have dark spots, tan spots, and light brown spots all over my body and especially on my head. Also I have been going bald for quite some time now I grew up in the snow face always burnt, neck red, and have spent the last twenty some odd years on the equatorial beaches of Costa Rica – close to some nine degrees north of the equator.  Sun damage is my name.  I don’t wear sun screen except for the occasional hat.

When my friend offered me a solution to the growing blisters and discolored mess on my bald head I was a little hesitant.  I don’t do yoga, I eat meat, I drink beer, and I surf. The sun is my friend we grew up together, and like all good friends I’m sure she abuses me every so often.  Anyway I say to myself; what the hell? Lets give the stuff a try.   I looked at the bottle it read Satori Skin Solution. There was a picture of some Buddha dude under a palm tree – whatever.

So a couple of times a day I start putting the goo on my head. The first week I didn’t notice much besides the fact that my hair was getting really soft, and then day after day of applying the skin solution to my head I definitely started to see a difference. The brown calloused blisters slowly started to fade away.  I started putting it on my head with more frequency and wrapping the skull cap in a bandana at night so the juju could seep in.  Besides my wife talking about my nice soft hair the mess on my head stopped erupting into plasma.  The spots cleaned themselves up the blisters and scabs went away and my head is much better now.  Although I am still bald my head looks good.  I would personally recommend Satori Skin Solution to anyone who spends hours every day under the sun; and is experiencing skin damage.  With less than a month of daily application I have seen a tremendous difference not only on my scalp, but also on my weather beaten face.  My wife…… she says my hair feels so ‘conditioned’ believe me this is a personal opinion I use the stuff at least a couple of times a day usually before I go to work and before I go to bed. I’m looking at an empty bottle right now.  I asked Eugene what was in it, and he wouldn’t tell me.  So it goes.

Eugene, much love and thanks for the hard work, time, and learning invested in your amazing solution peace n love”

-Mr. Matt

“I’m not sure if what I had was sun poisoning, or an unbelievably painful nasty rash, but something made my lips itch and burn for over 2 months. I tried everything: aquaphor, antibiotics, aloe, argon oil, no sun, benedryl, and more. NOTHING worked. I was terrified that it may be a symptom of something serious.

Just as I was at my wits end, Satori Skin Solution came to my attention. After 1 week of using the oil, my burning-itching-nasty rash went away. I was in tears and so thankful. It was truly a miracle!!!”

-Heather K., Costa Rica

“I have never had any major skin ailment. However, after living in Costa Rica for 14 years, and in the blazing sun daily, I decided to start using Satori Skin Solution on my face as a preventative. After a few weeks of using Satori Skin Solution at night after I washed my face I noticed a significant difference in the way my face looked. My skin seemed to be tighter, the bags under my eyes were gone, and my face just seemed to look brighter and more refreshed. I have continued to use it daily as my only skin product (besides soap) and can notice a difference if I go a few days without it. I am frequently asked how my skin is so smooth since I am so frequently in the sun. I have begun to think of Satori Skin Solution as my elixir of youth!

As well as making my skin beautiful and smooth, I have also found that Satori Skin Solution works on household burns, and bee and insect bites. My daughter went from hysterics to ‘oh that feels good’ in seconds after a bee stung her. My friends constantly try to get me to sign up for expensive beauty products; but all I need is my Satori Skin Solution!”

-Caroline M.

I’ve gone through 2 bottles of Satori oil, and am bumming out since I ran out. I’ve used this product on every skin issue that pops up, so to speak.  Dry, cracked feet, and toe areas have always been an issue for me since I don’t wear shoes. My feet love Satori. It works really well on dry patches of itchy skin, relieving the itch, as well as healing any problem areas in a very short time.  Less than a week.

I apply Satori Skin Solution to any skin issues, and believe me you’ll see improvement almost immediately.  Being in the sun most of the time this oil really comes in handy. I keep it in my truck because you never know when you might need to repair some damaged skin!

Good Luck out there! Dominical/Uvita is at the 9th degree latitude, and the sun is so very intense. Always use protection, Satori Oil makes my skin so happy! Use it liberally! Pura Vida.

-Greg M.

This stuff is amazing. As the dryer winter weather came through, my face was becoming red, dry, & cracked – each day a little more than the last. It got to the point where people seemed a bit concerned, and my friend gave me a bottle of Satori Skin Solution to try out. I figured it couldn’t hurt, & worst case scenario I’d have a new fragrance. That night I scrubbed my face vigorously, and afterward applied the oil. Upon waking the results were immediately noticeable, the redness & dryness had almost cleared up overnight. I repeated this procedure over the following couple of days and it went away entirely. It has been well over a week now, and my face feels as fresh as can be. Thanks!

-Matt G.

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