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I have been a surfer for 46 years in Costa Rica where the sun is intense.  Spending 4 to 6 hours a day surfing; my skin has taken a beating.  My story begins in Los Angeles where I was fortunate enough to meet a herb doctor from Sri Lanka.  We became good friends and I would travel each fall from Costa Rica to L.A. and spend a month helping him in his clinic.  After 25 years he returned to Sri Lanka continuing his practice healing the sick at 92 years old.  In 2006 I traveled to Sri Lanka to visit him.  After spending 6 weeks with him I was preparing to leave and he asked me what I wanted to learn.  In the 15 years I knew and helped him he never gave me a formula.  His formulas were so secret that nobody else in the world had them.  They were handed down for generations (2500 years) within the family as they were the original healers for the kings of Sri Lanka.  I showed him my forearms and asked for a cure for skin cancer.  My forearms were covered in blotches with scabs that were blue and black in color.  So he gave me the formula and gave me his blessing to go and help heal people with skin problems.

I returned to Costa Rica and began using it on my skin.  After a few months the soars began to dissolve.  I continued using it for 5 years before I told anyone.  I started to share it with a few friends who had sun damage, and they all had great results.  I met a worker who sprayed chemicals for a banana company for 10 years which caused open sore lesions on both of his forearms.  The lesions were about 1 inch in diameter and oozing blood.  He told me he had been to many doctors and taken all types of pills and injections.  Nothing worked.  I gave him a bottle of Satori Skin Solution and told him to apply it twice a day.  I didn’t think it would work on something so severe.  I went back to visit him a few months later and his skin looked like baby skin with no scars.

What is Satori Skin Solution? Mother nature’s perfect blend of powerful healing herbs, spices, and oils formulated in a special process to create a natural solution to many skin ailments.

Who can benefit from Satori Skin Solution?  Surfers, lifeguards, fishermen, sun worshipers, people with damaged skin from overexposure to the sun, people exposed to chemicals and harsh conditions that affect the skin, or people that just want to feed their skin and keep a healthy glow.  Satori Skin Solution also helps alleviate pain from insect stings and bites such as bees, wasps, and scorpions, and even household burns.

What are the origins of the Satori Skin Solution formula?  The formula for Satori Skin Solution dates back over 2500 years, and was among scriptures that were written on palm leaves and put into books called olas.  It’s an ancient Sri Lankan science called Deha Dhamma (divine body care).

Why is it important for people to use Satori Skin Solution?  Satori Skin Solution is 100% natural with no side affects, all the ingredients have great healing properties and formulated together it becomes a great helper for many skin ailments.  It has been known to help dissolve some pre-cancerous growths and extensive skin damage from sun exposure, and many other skin ailments.

Our mission at Satori Skin Solution is to help carry on a small part of the Deha Dhama tradition for the great herbalist and mentor who shared this powerful medicine with me. Helping people naturally.


– Eugene Mitchell, Founder, Satori Skin Solution


Surfing under the Central America sun
Eugene with Dosthora Mudalihamy Warnasuriya in Sri Lanka
Dosthora Mudalihamy Warnasuriya, Sri Lanka
“I’ve gone through 2 bottles of Satori oil, and am bumming out since I ran out. I’ve used this product on every skin issue that pops up. . .”
“Satori Skin Solution is a miracle medicine. I have practiced Chinese medicine as an herbalist and physician for the last 10 years. I’ve never seen something work this quickly. . .”
“I’m a 56 year old female who grew up in South Florida surfing, water skiing, horseback riding, fishing, and many other outdoor activities. Needless to say I have damaged my skin. . .”

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